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An introduction to MicroProfile GraphQL

If you’re interested in MicroProfile and APIs, please checkout my presentation Boost your APIs with GraphQL. I did it at EclipseCon 2020. Thanks to the organizers for the invitation! The slide deck is on Slideshare. I’ve tried to be high-level and explain how GraphQL differentiates from REST and how easy it is to implement a […]

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A preview of MicroProfile GraphQL

This blog post is related to my GitHub project mpql-preview. Objectives This project aims at providing a preview of the future Eclipse MicroProfile GraphQL specification. If you don’t know what MicroProfile GraphQL is about, please have a look on my previous post and on  GitHub. In short, it aims at making GraphQL a first-class citizen […]

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GraphQL with KumuluzEE

In the context of my contribution to the recently started MicroProfile GraphQL initiative, I’ve decided to give KumuluzEE GraphQL a try in order to  get some interesting inputs. I first heard of KumuluzEE in 2015 when it won Java Duke’s Choice Award.  I must admit that I didn’t pay much attention to it so far. […]