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  • An introduction to MicroProfile GraphQL

    If you’re interested in MicroProfile and APIs, please checkout my presentation Boost your APIs with GraphQL. I did it at EclipseCon 2020. Thanks to the organizers for the invitation! The slide deck is on Slideshare. I’ve tried to be high-level and explain how GraphQL differentiates from REST and how easy it is to implement a […]

  • Secure your JAX-RS APIs with MicroProfile JWT

    In this article, I want to illustrate in a practical way how to secure your JAX-RS APIs with MicroProfile JWT (JSON Web Token). It is illustrated by a GitHub project using Quarkus, Wildfly, Open Liberty and JWTenizr. A basic knowledge of MP JWT is needed and, if you don’t feel comfortable with that, I invite […]

  • Developing a GraphQL client on MicroProfile with Quarkus

    Following the release of MicroProfile GraphQL 1.0, Phillip Krüger has recently published an article introducing what is GraphQL and how to develop a server. Here, we propose to focus on the client-side and illustrate how to interact with a GraphQL endpoint using Java in a JakartaEE and MicroProfile context. This article is backed by a […]

  • Optimize your code for Quarkus

    My previous article, was about running a JakartaEE/MicroProfile application with minimum changes. My purpose was to keep the Java code as standard as possible so that it can keep running on other implementations such as OpenLiberty, Payara, KumuluzEE, TomEE. This article proposes an alternative: how to optimize your code for Quarkus? It turns out that […]

  • Run your Jakarta EE/MicroProfile application on Quarkus with minimum changes

    Quarkus 1.0.0.Final has been released, so I think it’s time to go beyond the “Get started” guides and to give it a try. In this article, I’m going to illustrate how to run an existing Jakarta EE/MicroProfile application on Quarkus, both in JVM and native modes, with minimum changes on the code and the configuration. I’ve […]

  • Back from Oracle Code One 2019

    From September 15 to 19, I had the chance to participate in the event Oracle Code One San Francisco as a speaker. Here is my feedback. What is Oracle Code One? Oracle Code One San Francisco is one of the leading annual international meeting for developers. It is organized in parallel to another major event, […]

  • A preview of MicroProfile GraphQL

    This blog post is related to my GitHub project mpql-preview. Objectives This project aims at providing a preview of the future Eclipse MicroProfile GraphQL specification. If you don’t know what MicroProfile GraphQL is about, please have a look on my previous post and on  GitHub. In short, it aims at making GraphQL a first-class citizen […]

  • Back from Devoxx France 2019

    From 16 to 19 April took place the 8th edition of Devoxx France in Paris at the Palais des Congrés. It aimed to be the main event for passionate French developers. Indeed it is clearly « the place to be » during these 3 days: a unique opportunity to recharge your batteries, to meet interesting people, to get new […]

  • GraphQL with KumuluzEE

    In the context of my contribution to the recently started MicroProfile GraphQL initiative, I’ve decided to give KumuluzEE GraphQL a try in order to  get some interesting inputs. I first heard of KumuluzEE in 2015 when it won Java Duke’s Choice Award.  I must admit that I didn’t pay much attention to it so far. […]

  • Running GraphQL spqr and JNoSQL on GlassFish 5.1

    As you may know, GlassFish 5.1 has been recently released. This is the first Jakarta EE release of GlassFish. I’ve taken this opportunity to deploy  an application mixing GraphQL spqr and JNoSQL (backed by MongoDB) on it. And guess what? It works! This is a preliminary work for the MicroProfile GraphQL initiative that has just […]