Jakarta EE

An introduction to MicroProfile GraphQL

If you’re interested in MicroProfile and APIs, please checkout my presentation Boost your APIs with GraphQL . I did it at EclipseCon 2020. Thanks to the organizers for the invitation!

The slide deck is on Slideshare.

I’ve tried to be high-level and explain how GraphQL differentiates from REST and how easy it is to implement a GraphQL API with MicroProfile.

It is backed by an example available on GitHub running on OpenLiberty (IBM Open Source implementation of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile) and Quarkus (the new cloud-native framework from Red Hat). Do not hesitate to reuse it, it may be a good starting point to start your GraphQL journey!

My main message: GraphQL is also for Java Enterprise applications!

If you want to go further, I recommend the following articles:


By Jean-François James

Senior Software Architect, Worldline Fellow Expert, Open Source contributor, blogger and speaker, father of 3, martial artist.

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